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Review of Twining Park in Monroe, Wisconsin: Intermediate Disc Golf Course with an Abundance of Trees

I might be biased in saying Twining is one of my favorite courses because it is my home course where I learned to play.

I still remember the first time I played, and how it took me at least six drives to get it anywhere close to the basket. I used to really suck at throwing a frisbee, so much so that my family made fun of me for it because I’m so athletic in everything else.

A post I commented on a year ago and my friend’s reply this year.

Regardless, I probably could have learned to play on a different course because, in comparison to Red Arrow Park, Twining is a little tougher; there are some par fours and it isn’t nearly as open.

Hole one has a line of trees to the left. To the left of the second row of trees is OB.

For example, I wouldn’t throw a driver that has a fade of three or more on hole one because, unless you aim for the parking lot on the right, it will go out of bounds to the left.

Plus, depending on whether or not the tee is set up for A tees or B tees–Twining has two locations for tees, but both baskets aren’t up at the same time–there are trees that surround the basket on hole one, forcing your line to be either to the left or right of the basket for an easier putt.

Holes two and three are more forgiving, but, if you are playing B pins, the longer pins, hole three is the first par 4 with a distance of 497 feet.

Hole five takes you back out of the trees you tried so hard to get through.

Hole four is also challenging. If you can get your drive through the line of trees that block the basket, you’re in the clear. Try a couple different lines to find the best gap in the trees to get your second throw through.

Hole five deals with the same row of trees as hole four. Here, you have two options. Throw a straight line through the trees to the basket ahead and pray you stay to the right of the cart path, otherwise it is OB. (This is only in league. When you play for fun and practice, don’t worry about official play areas, it can cause unnecessary frustration.) The second option is to throw through the second gap in the trees to the right, allowing for a bit of fade in your disc.

My favorite holes are 10 and 12 because they are only 267 feet in distance with very few trees to block my line. I usually get par on these holes.

On hole 11 A tees the basket sits in a grassy area surrounded by the creek on all sides.

Hole 13 is another par four on B tees, with numerous lines to play. On your first shot, you can aim toward the playground to get some distance and get over the creek on your second throw or aim to the right to get over the creek right away, then worry about distance.

Hole fifteen is my least favorite as there is another set of trees to get through before reaching the basket. Plus, the basket is the only tall basket on the whole course with a decline to the creek right behind it. My advice on this hole is not to overthrow the basket, otherwise you’ll have an even worse elevated putt than normal. Throw a nice lay up shot just short of the basket that makes for an easy putt.

Overall, this course is for intermediate players who have more control over their discs. There hasn’t been one time I’ve played this course where I haven’t smoked a tree and cussed as a result. You’ll definitely want a driver, midrange, and putter for this course.

This course also has a league that runs from April to October, depending on the weather, on Thursday nights. I’ve played a couple weeks, and we usually get about 10 players every week, making for five doubles. The teams are randomly drawn to ensure fairness. Get in contact with Dustin Egger for more info.

The park also has two softball fields where I played softball in high school, two tennis courts, half basketball courts, a soccer field, sand volleyball pits, a playground and multiple shelters with picnic benches and bathrooms. You could easily plan a day at the park with the family and not run out of activities to do.

Come check it out, and you might see me playing!


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