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Review of Adelaide Park in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: Avoid this Disc Golf Course During High Winds and After Rain

Standing water on hole seven.

I chose an unfortunate day to play at Adelaide Park in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I tried to get out before it rained later that day, so it was super windy and chilly. Plus, it had rained earlier in the week, leaving standing puddles, as the park is a watershed to its pond.

As I am writing this almost a week later, UDisc has updated the course conditions, saying that holes seven, nine, and ten are unplayable.

Additionally, this course had some challenging shots around the pond where it was easy to lose a disc, particularly hole six. The ideal flight path of the disc ran along the edge of the pond with the basket sitting just to the left. I threw my Innova Wraith, and its 3 fade saved me from landing in the pond. The couple behind me, however, weren’t so lucky.

I watched from hole eight as both the man and woman’s discs zoomed into the weeds. I offered to help look, but they didn’t seem to want it. When I was on hole nine, I could see them on hole seven. The woman’s disc landed just ahead of where mine did, but the man must have launched it because I saw them looking in the weeds again. I watched from hole 11 as they gave up, and walked off the course.

Pond: 3; Couple: 0.

The more I played in the wind, the more I had to change my normal style of play.

Instead of driving with my Champion Destroyer in the Blizzard plastic, my lightest disc at 154g, I threw my Wraith at 170g. Normally, I look for distance on my drives, so a lighter disc will help, but in wind, a light disc will get carried away.

Even when putting, I chose a heavy disc, my heaviest in fact at 175g. All of my other putters seemed too light with to much glide for the heavy winds. I didn’t go for the basket either; I just wanted a good upshot, so I could practically drop the disc in the basket. A putt from nearly any distance spelled trouble.

Additionally, when throwing at a hole close to the pond, I played more conservatively. For example, on hole 12, with the basket in front of the pond, I threw my Leopard, a fairway driver, instead of a distance driver. I didn’t want to overthrow the basket and lose a disc in the pond.

Despite the poor weather conditions, the course had a lot of hometown culture.

The course’s practice basket honors founder and creator of the course, Phil Hullin, who passed away in 2011. A bench near hole 13 is dedicated to dedicated player Adam R. Breitrick who lost his battle to addiction in 2017. Plus, under the basket on holes one and two, I found painted rocks. Since the pandemic, people can find these rocks all over parks; a scavenger hunt that hopes to bring positivity and happiness during tough times.

If you decide to play this course any time during the fall or winter yet, I’d make sure to bring heavy discs and ones that you wouldn’t mind losing. This is a course requires controlled shots around the pond, so beginners be wary.

If I were you, I’d visit this course again in the summer when conditions are better, I know I will.


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