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Review of Krape Park in Freeport, Illinois: Intermediate Disc Golf Course with Wooded Shots

I decided to venture out of Wisconsin for this course review. When choosing where to go, my mind wandered back to the days as a kid when I would go to Krape Park with my aunt, grandma, brother, and cousins; I played on the wooden playground, paddled on a ducky paddle boat down the Pec, rode the prettiest horse on the carousel, and beat my brother at mini golf. I wanted to relive a bit of my childhood, and I wasn’t disappointed.

First things first, if you follow the directions from the UDisc app, it will tell you to park down in the lower lot either next to the paddle boats or the softball and baseball fields. Do not make this mistake, or you will end up with a hike–literally–to the course. Follow the signs for Flagstaff Hill, and there will be some parking stalls up there right next to hole one.

I couldn’t get a good shot of my Dad until this one. He hates his picture taken, so give it some love, please.

This time around, my Dad came along with me, so there was plenty of smart-ass comments and banter back and forth on each hole. After landing in some brush on hole one and ending up with a double bogey, my Dad said “Oh come on, Nana, you’re better than that.”

Hole two I was able to regain my composure on a short 166′ shot. I threw my Leopard, but in hindsight, I shouldn’t have picked a driver of any sort, even if it was rather straight. This is a hole for a mid-range, maybe, or a putter, ideally. Dad birdied; I parred.

The next hole, three, I thought I outdrove the basket, but I was about ten feet short for a birdie shot. Dad had a bogey. Ha.

Hole four, though, was the first of a couple tough wooded shots.

Dad was able to get through the trees on his first throw, but I hit a tree and my disc landed in a ditch. No big deal, I just threw for two from the teepad . . . except I hit the same tree again. Again, my disc landed in the ditch. Whatever. Clearly, I was meant to throw from that spot. On my third throw I actually made it in the woods, into a cluster of trees. I tried a roller shot just to get in the clear, but it whacked a branch and rolled farther down the hill than where I started. That was stroke four. Stroke five, from the same spot as four, I tried a different approach and made it in the clear. For throw six I made a good upshot, missed the putt, and put the next one in for eight. Yeah . . . let’s not talk about that anymore.

The next wooded shot, hole five, wasn’t as bad. My drive landed a bit shorter than I wanted, but the next shot put me in a good spot. I made my own path through the trees for a bogey.

By the time I came to the wooded shot on hole 10, you could say I was practically a pro.

Hole 10, another wooded shot.

Both Dad and I joked that there was no way we wouldn’t smoke a tree on our drive. To make it more interesting, I placed a wager. If he could get to the basket without hitting a tree, I’d pay for an appetizer at lunch. It was a joke, I figured he couldn’t do it.

Dad threw and barely nicked a tree. So close.

“Okay, same for you,” Dad said.

I picked out my line, took a deep breath, and threw. NO TREES. My dad stood in disbelief. I’ll have you know, the onion rings at Big Apple Family Restaurant were delicious.

The rest of the course wasn’t as difficult, and I stepped up my game whereas my Dad fell apart. I finished only four strokes behind him.

Despite having to strip off my socks and shoes to retrieve a disc from the Pec, I had only two complaints for this course.

After hole 10 in the woods, we searched and searched for hole 11. I use the UDisc app, so finding the next hole is never an issue, but the location of the teepad we found as hole 11 didn’t match what was listed on the app. Plus, we couldn’t see the basket anywhere in sight, so we decided to skip it and go to hole 12. After looping back around, we found the basket for hole 11. The reason we couldn’t find it was because the teepad was facing the opposite direction.

I was too scared to get close to the geese so my Dad ran at them, and this was the resulting shot.

The only other warning I have fort his course is to wear a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting full of goose poop. The geese like to swim in the Pec and their poop litters the course from hole 12 to 15.

When you pack your bag for this course, you’ll want a driver and putter. Make sure these discs are brightly colored so you can find them in the woods, especially if you’re playing alone and don’t have someone to help you look.

Even if you don’t go to the park for disc golf, there is plenty to do; Krape Park was, and remains, one of my favorite parks.


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