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Discs, Dynamic Players, and Designs Day Two: 2012 PDGA World Champion Sarah Hokom and Touring Couple Brandon and Jessica Oleskie praise MVP’s Future-Focused Technology

NOTE: The series takes a look at some of the top disc golf disc brands with interviews from some of their team members. Through these interviews and background research, I found what makes each brand and team special.

The order of the series is predicated on who responded to my requests and when; it is not meant to be a ranked list. There are some brands that are not included because its team members did not respond to email requests.

Today’s post is part two. Click here for part one.

In 2019, Hokom signed with MVP for the season, her fourth sponsor since she became a pro in 2009. In her first year as a pro, Hokom was sponsored by Discraft before signing with Prodigy in 2013. Two years later, Hokom again switched, this time to Legacy Discs, before signing with MVP where she remains today.

“Typically, switches have happened for me when I’ve been offered a better deal,” Hokom said. “Sometimes, the better deal happens because I’ve played well; sometimes it’s simply because of the needs of manufacturers and marketing teams. There are a lot of individual factors and historical and future considerations in contract signing and player-worth.”

As for MVP, Hokom felt that the brand and team were headed in the right direction.

“I switched because I felt I had exhausted my ability to help Legacy grow any further, and really liked MVPs progress and potential for the future,” Hokom said. “Also, they are science nerds, and so am I!”

Hokom’s teammates, Brandon and Jessica Oleskie who signed with MVP in 2018 and 2019 respectively, see this direction as guided by the brand’s plastic.

Graphics on a photo provided by Jessica Oleskie.

“The more I researched their plastic and GYRO Technology and tried their discs out, the more I saw the positive effects on my game as well as my body, as I did not have to force any throws with their discs,” Jessica said.

GYRO Technology is just one feature that makes MVP’s discs stand out from others.

MVP discs have a black rim around the core of the disc where most of its weight is concentrated. The extra weight increases the disc’s rotational inertia, or the disc’s flight. MVP’s page on this technology is a little bit confusing because it uses a bunch of physics jargon like linear momentum, angular momentum, and moment of inertia. The video below dumbs it down a bit using terms we are more familiar with like mass and radius.

Skip to 3:30 for a lesson on the disc.

The video says it would be harder to rotate the hoop compared to the disc, but remember, MVP discs still have weight in the core, just not as much as its outer rim. The disc will rotate and gain more momentum.

MVP’s Fission Microbubble Technology explains how the core of the disc can be so much lighter than the rim. Like other bubble technologies, such as Innova’s Blizzard Champion, Fission takes advantage of microscopic air bubbles but at a larger quantity. Plus, MVP’s bubbles are centered in the core, enhancing the gyroscopic effect.

Aside from the Fission plastic, MVP has eight others: Neutron, Cosmic Neutron, Proton, Plasma, Eclipse, Eclipse 2.0, Electron, and Cosmic Electron. The Neutron is like Innova’s DX in the sense that there are the widest selection of models in this plastic. The Cosmic Neutron’s only difference is the colorways. The Proton, Eclipse and Eclipse 2.0 are made for durability, but the Eclipse plastic comes specifically in glow colors. The Plasma is gummier and more flexible. The Electron and Cosmic Electron break in slowly but have great grip; the Cosmic Electron comes in cool, multi-tone colors.

When it comes to specific models, Brandon struggled to pinpoint just one, but he ultimately chose the Volt.

“Since I started throwing MVP, I was immediately comfortable with my entire bag. It was a great fit for me overall.  If I had to pick one that sticks out beyond the rest it would be my  MVP Volt. I love this disc because it is my most controllable disc in my bag.”  

Jessica, on the other hand, chose the Wave. Both of them, however, go to the Pilot.

“A disc that we both utilize and are huge advocates for is the streamline putter from MVP, the Pilot,” Jessica said. “This putter we both utilize as a throwing putter in the neutron plastic; it has amazing glide and consistent fade for both arm speeds.”

Outside of the technology, the team and fan atmosphere is unmatched by MVP. As a couple, Brandon and Jessica get to tour together, thanks to MVP management.

Photo taken by @basketcasediscgolf

“It is a dream come true,” Jessica said. “We met playing and our love for the sport can grow that much more since we get to do it together. Wouldn’t change it for the world. “

Hokom, too, feels the love and support from MVP. She credits the fans and team support as a reason for sticking around.

“MVPs fans are very loyal and encouraging,” Hokom said. “It’s been great to have that kind of support.”

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