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Discs, Dynamic Players, and Designs Day Four: Back-to-Back Disc Golf Pro Tour Champion Chris Dickerson Won Over by Prodigy’s Community

NOTE: The series takes a look at some of the top disc golf disc brands with interviews from some of their team members. Through these interviews and background research, I found what makes each brand and team special.

The order of the series is predicated on who responded to my requests and when; it is not meant to be a ranked list. There are some brands that are not included because its team members did not respond to email requests.

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Chris Dickerson has proven to be a valuable asset to the Prodigy Core Team. In 2019, he won the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) for the second year in a row. Back in February of this year, he threw back-to-back aces during a match-up against the Baysingers Disc Golf Channel Joes.

Later in June, he extended his contract with Prodigy through 2023. He further proved his worth in the DGPT Championship this October, placing second behind teammate Kevin Jones.

With all that he brings to the team, Dickerson was first drawn to Prodigy by his friends and the discs.

“I had friends on the team, I liked their discs, and they gave me the best offer,” Dickerson said.

Founded by PDGA Hall of Fame Class 1995 member David Greenwell, Michael Sullivan, Lavaughn Wolfe, and Phil Arthur, Prodigy stands out from other disc brands mainly for its naming system. Whereas other companies have names such as Leopard, Buzzz, or Tesla that bare no resemblance to their technology, Prodigy uses a naming system that makes it easy to identify what type of disc you are getting.

Photo courtesy of Chris Dickerson

For instance, a D1 is a distance driver, a H2 is a hybrid driver–its speed is between a distance driver and a fairway driver–a F5 is a fairway driver, a M4 is a midrange, a PA1 is a putt and approach, and an A4 is an approach disc. An X indicates an extra speed distance driver.

The number after the letter indicator tells you how over or understable the disc is. Numbers closer to 1 are more overstable while numbers closer to 7 are more understable. So, for a right hand back hand throw (RHBH) an understable disc will turn right, while an overstable disc for a RHBH throw will turn left.

The disc’s plastic is either to the left of the letter indicator or below it. Like the stability scale, the plastics range from more durable to less durable. The lower the number, the less durable; the higher the number, the more durable.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Dickerson.

Like other pros with their own discs, Dickerson has worked with graphic designers over the years to create his own stamp for the FX2.

With a robot chicken front and center, a homage to Dickerson’s nickname, this disc is hard to miss.

Besides the Core Team that Dickerson is a part of, Prodigy has other teams centered around special issues. This includes their Battalion Team, Team ASL, and Protégé Team.

The Battalion Team is made up of active duty, reserve, and retired military members. The goal of this team is to bring the sport to the military, promoting members to run clinics at bases.

Team ASL is composed of deaf disc golfers that are encouraging others in their community to join the sport.

Like other junior teams, Prodigy’s Protégé Team welcomes the new generation of disc golf players. Prodigy will work with these kids to improve their skills and pave their way to success in disc golf.

Growth in these teams, in the technology, and the team as a whole is what makes Dickerson stick with Prodigy.

“The Prodigy community has always been really good to me,” Dickerson said. “We are seeing a lot of growth, have great leadership in place, and I am very excited for the future with Prodigy.”

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