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12 Days of Discmas

After opening all of my presents and using them in a round of disc golf the day after Christmas, I created my own version of the 12 Days of Christmas just for all you disc golf enthusiasts.

NOTE: Not all of these gifts are mine. There is no way I am spoiled nor rich enough to have received all of these gifts myself. To get all of the numbers, I combined gifts of my Mom, Dad, brother, his girlfriend, my boyfriend, and my cousin along with my own. I also spared your ears and didn’t make a video of me singing the whole song. You’re welcome.

On the first day of Discmas my family received a Discraft Weekender Bag.

My nine-year-old cousin, who just started playing disc golf with my family this summer, got a Discraft Weekender Bag for Christmas. This is a perfect gift for a beginning disc golfer with a growing interest in the sport. Because he only has five discs, two of which he will grow into as he gets older and stronger, he doesn’t need a larger bag that holds more discs. Plus, it has a water bottle pouch on the side to keep him hydrated during the summer.

On the second day of Discmas my family received two disc golf towels.

My brother and I got a Mile High Life towel each. Compared to our old kitchen towels, these towels are more absorbent because of their waffle pattern. They also have a carabiner to easily attach to your bag or belt loop if you don’t have a bag. Not only do towels dry off snow in the winter, but in the summer they are useful when you shank a shot into the nearest pond.

On the third day of Discmas my family received three mini markers.

Like regular golf, mini markers are used to indicate where your disc lands. When making your next shot, your foot must land behind the disc. When stationary putting, both feet must stay behind the disc.

Although not required for recreational play, mini discs must be used in tournaments. As I aspire to play in tournaments one day, and my brother is good enough he could too, mini markers made a good stocking stuffer.

On the fourth day of Discmas my family received four MVP Teslas.

Santa got me, my brother, and my Dad an MVP Tesla. Plus, my boyfriend got my brother another one. So, our family has four total.

Even though we are all at different levels, the Tesla is perfect for all of us for different reasons. My dad, who played college baseball and doesn’t have the arm strength he used to after getting labrum surgery, likes the low speed and high glide of the Tesla. I, as a new female disc golfer, like the Tesla for the same reasons. My brother, who throws predominantly right hand forehand (RHFH), likes the Tesla for his backhand.

On the fifth day of Discmas my boyfriend and I received five throws on hole 15.

As the only raised basket on Twining’s course, hole 15 can cause a lot of issues, especially since there is a drop-off right behind it. If the previous baskets haven’t gone as planned, this one will make you feel even more defeated. As a team, my boyfriend and I didn’t make it through the trees until our second shot. We had a nice approach shot for the third, missed the putt for four, and put it in for five.

On the sixth day of Discmas my family received six frisbee ornaments.

You can find a variety of disc golf ornaments on the Internet, so I didn’t provide a link to this product.

Even though these can’t be used on the course, they make great gifts to show off your disc golf love. Each year, my Mom buys us new ornaments that matches a hobby of ours for that year. Needless to say, once COVID-19 hit in March, we all spent more time on the course.

On the seventh day of Discmas my family received seven mulligan shots.

My family likes to play with at least one mulligan per game. Sometimes, we also play by the five-second rule; if you can run and get your frisbee after a bad shot in five seconds, then you get a free extra shot. Although the term originated with golf, it transferred over to disc golf. It originates from a story of amateur golfer David Bernard Mulligan taking a correction shot after a poor drive.

On the eighth day of Discmas my family received eight hit trees.

Here’s a screenshot of my boyfriends first throw on hole 15. Because I hit a tree on my first shot too, it was a great start.

All of the trees we hit lead to my youngest cousin complaining that the park needed to chop all the trees down, even if they were 100 feet away from the ideal flight path.

On the ninth day of Discman my family received nine water shots.

Unfortunately, the Honey Creek had not frozen over yet, but the two towels my brother and I got came in handy.

On hole 12 A tees my Innova Wraith faded too soon, landing in the creek instead of parking it 20 feet from the pin. Normally, the creek is clear, and you can see your disc at the bottom. Near the bridge, though, the water was muddy and went up to my knees. After a couple minutes of searching in the freezing water, I called it a loss.

So If you see a purple Innova Wraith in the creek near hole 12 with my name on it, hit me up.

On the tenth day of Discmas my family received ten missed putts.

I think I had at least half of these missed putts. I have a bad habit of hitting the front of the basket, even when I’m aiming for the orange tape in the middle.

A couple of these were birdie shots too, which only goes to show that putting is the most important part of the game. Yeah, you might look cool launching a 300 foot drive, but if you can’t make a putt for birdie or par, you won’t fare well on the course.

On the eleventh day of Discmas my family received eleven “poop on a stick” s.

This is the PG version, but needless to say, we had a lot of shots that we weren’t happy about, some of them being the hit trees.

On the twelfth day of Discmas my family received twelve LED lights.

Rather than get glow discs, my parents got us LED lights that stick on our regular-colored discs. Like other discs, a glow disc has specific flight numbers, limiting when you can use each one. LED lights can be stuck on any disc you have, used, an reapplied.

If you buy them from Dynamic Discs, you can select from white, red, green, or blue lights.

These make great gifts for dedicated disc golfers who wish to test their skills in the dark.

I hope Santa treated you well this Discmas, and you got everything you wanted. Share some of your favorite Dismas gifts in the comments! Happy holidays, and stay well.

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