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Review of Lustig Park in Janesville, Wisconsin: Intermediate Disc Golf Course Dotted with Trees

With recommendations from many of my disc golf friends, I went to Janesville for a course review. I chose Lustig Park first, and plan on reviewing Riverside Park down the road.

Overall, the park was fairly simple. The trees, for the most part, didn’t cause a problem. Either that, or I had a good day hitting my lines. Plus, the tees were in the short position, right at my range.

It would be a good challenge to play in the summer when the tees are in the long position. With these tees, a little over half of the course is par 4, with the longest being 470 feet.

Through the front nine, I was only plus four. The longest hole, 7, was 406 feet, one of my bogeys, and the shortest were 6, 8, and 9 at 263 feet. I parred 6 and 8 but really messed up on 9. We all did, Jack, my dad, and I.

This started a span of four tough holes for me. Jack had challenged my dad and I that if we could be even through the next three holes, 10 through 12, he would buy us ice cream. Since I’m not supplying a link to a great ice cream place or posting a picture, you can guess I failed that challenge. I was plus five through those holes.

The first one, hole 10, had a tight line that I couldn’t hit, and I ended up in a patch of trees that made the hole difficult from then on. Hole 11 was my worst. I hit a tree on my drive and hit another two trees trying to sink my putt.

Although I got a bogey on hole 12, it was far more fun than the previous two because of its hill. Kids frequently sled down this hill in the winter because of its steep slope. For disc golf, this hole gives you a chance to show off your power with a downward shot into an open field.

After a rather disappointing couple of holes, it was nice to go down the hill and act like a little kid again.

With his new Ridge Roller, Jack went down the hill on his skis, and I went down like a penguin on my belly. Dad decided to be boring and just walk down the hill.

Aside from hole 12, another defining hole is 16, which has a tight shot over an impression in the land. I was the only one in our group to get through without hitting a tree.

I ended the course plus 10, a new record for me. Lustig Park also marked a point in my disc golf game where, since then, I have consistently hit more pars than bogeys. For me, this park symbolizes a big step forward.

Each hole is clearly laid out with each pin’s distance. The only downside to this course was the fact that the last couple teepads weren’t shoveled. Jack had come earlier in the week to shovel the first few, but no one had touched them since.

I was told, however, that the other course’s teepads were shoveled. Perhaps Riverside Park simply gets more attention than Lustig.

For this course, you’ll want to bring a driver, midrange, and putter. I mainly used my Tesla, Buzzz, and Envy, yet again.

Keep an eye out for my review of Riverside Park so you can compare the two and decide which one you want to play.


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