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How to Use UDisc’s Map Scoring Mode and 3 Benefits Over Regular Scoring Mode

Just over one week ago, UDisc updated their app to include a Map My Score mode that tracks each individual throw, providing a visual representation for your entire game. Now, you can track stats easier and share them with your friends.

Steps 2, 3, 5 indicated by different colored circles.
  1. To use the new mode, simply open a new scorecard like you would by tapping on the Rounds icon along the bottom ribbon then the bright orange Create Scorecard button. Select your desired course, which layout you will be playing, and the players.
  2. After your first throw, walk to your disc and tap the blue plus button to track your throw. (Indicated by the yellow circle.)
  3. If you want to assign the stats from your throw to a specific disc, tap the ruler button. (Indicated by the blue circle.)
  4. Tapping the ruler button will take you to the same screen you’d see when you measured a throw from the More button on the lower ribbon. Select which disc you just used for your throw and how you threw it.
  5. If you accidently hit the plus button and want to delete a throw, simply tap the trash can. (Indicated by the green circle.)
  6. For each subsequent throw after, keep walking to your lie and tapping on the plus button.

Step 4.
  1. When you throw it in the basket, simply tap the basket on the screen.
  2. After finishing a hole, swipe left to begin the next hole.
  3. Repeat steps 1 through 8 for each hole.

As the steps indicate, it’s not that hard to track your throws, and that’s one of the reasons why this new scoring method is better than the original. Before this update, you had to track your throw in the More tab. You had to select Measure Your Throw, set your start and end point, and select your disc and how you threw it. Although it’s roughly the same amount of steps, the process had to be done in an entirely different tab than the scorecard you were currently on.

Another reason to use this system is for the ease of tracking statistics. Before the update, my profile lacked statistics other than how many birdies, pars, or bogeys I had. Now, I have statistics on my Circle 1, Circle 1X, and Circle 2 Putting. I never tracked the smaller details like that because it took too much time out of my game. Now, I can do this without thought while I’m playing.

The final reason to use this scoring method is for sharing your stats with friends. Not only can you share an individual shot, but now you can share an entire hole or your entire round.

Help grow the disc golf community by using and sharing your stats in the new Map My Score mode on UDisc. I haven’t had any impressive shots yet, but you’ll be sure to see them when I do.

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