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Hey, guys!

I started playing disc golf in March when COVID-19 hit. Prior to COVID-19, I was your normal college student athlete stressing about homework, my job, my social life (or lack thereof), and my sport, softball. My team and I were in the middle of a tournament in Chicago when we learned our season was over. Devastated, isolated, and bored, I followed my brother to our local course to try out the sport of disc golf. Since then, my family and I have traveled the surrounding cities to play their courses. In that time I’ve accumulated a couple discs and a bag of my own. My family used to joke that I couldn’t throw a frisbee and laughed at how funny it was. Now, I compete alongside my brother, boyfriend, and father in league. I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way that I hope to share here with you!

Get ready to enter the world of disc golf!


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